The following case study represent excellent results. Individual results will certainly vary.

Under eye dark circle, sagging, uneven skin tone case

32 years old female with under eye dark circles and puffiness, yellowish facial discoloration, roughened texture, and the beginning of facial sagging causing her face to look large and roundish.

After 5 days, her under eye dark circles look brightened with the puffiness smoothed out, her skin feels silky, her coloration looks even and lighter, and her face looks much firmer for a smaller V-shaped facial appearance.

Case Studies 10, English transcription: "Before I used this product I used to have very sagging face, and my dark circles were very dark...and also uneven skin tone, and also I have very large pores. So after using the product for 5 days, I think there is major severe change in my skin tone, it was more even, and my dark circles improved especially on my left side, and also my face it used to be more round and now it looks a bit smaller because it has tightening effect it tightened up my skin, that it looked more firm right now. So my friends seen me in 5 days it was really amazing, they saw my skin and they see a lot of improvements in my skin."

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