The following case study represent excellent results. Individual results will certainly vary.

Prominent wrinkles and uneven skin tone case

49 years old female with severe peri-oral wrinkles, roughened aged skin, pronounced crows feet wrinkles, large pores, and loosened cheeks.

After twice daily intensive usage for 4-6 weeks, her peri-oral wrinkles look flattened, her crows feet wrinkles look less deep, her pores look smaller, her cheeks look tighter, and her skin texture looks baby soft with a radiant glow.

Case Studies 3, English translation: "Hi everyone, my name is Teresa. I used to be an accountant, I quit that job and am now in sales. As a salesperson, first impression is very important, so I was hoping that everyday I can look as young as the days before, helping my career and making things smoother. I have tried many different treatments previously, including peels and injections, and even hyaluronic acid, but those never lasted long, and werent cheap. Also, I personally think those may have a negative effect for the body. One day, my friend Cindy introduced Naimion skincare to me. In the beginning, I thought just to try it out without expecting much, because in order to look prettier I always am open to trying new things. And then 2 weeks later, when I was telling my friend about this new skincare that I was trying, unexpectedly she said "your skin does look brighter, more supple, younger". And then, 4 weeks from when I first started trying these, I bumped into a friend at the supermarket, and she kept on asking me if I have gotten injections again because she said I look much younger than a year before! So I started thinking that maybe this actually works. I just thought I would give it a try, but then a lot of people came up to me to ask me what I have been using or if I have been getting some new kind of injections. And then I thought to myself, "wow", and I got really excited. I started sharing my story with my customers because I visit them on a regular basis, and they would say to me, "we havent seen you in 1-2 months but you really look quite changed". Well, previously, my skin was quite saggy, because I am about 50, and my wrinkles, especially my crow's feet wrinkles, were quite deep. But now, 2 months, I have customers who havent seen me in almost 2 months, and they say "it looks like a lot of your wrinkles have disappeared!". Also, many people have come up to me to ask me about it after finding that I have changed. And then one time I emailed my photos to a friend and asked her to tell me any difference between my before and after photos. She said she looked at it, and then repeatedly looked at it 5 times, and she said that the biggest difference is that my skin looks much tighter than before, not as sagging as before. So, I think this result is really amazing. Only 6 weeks and there is this big of a difference. It has made my sales much smoother. I really hope I can let everyone know about this, and share my wonder with everybody. I hope I can share good skincare products with women who care about looking better. I hope everyone can hear about these good news. I hope you all will benefit much."

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