Melasma Hyperpigmentation Case Study

The following case study represent excellent results. Individual results will certainly vary.

Melasma Hyperpigmentation Case

Asian female who had severe dark brown patchy hyperpigmentation on her entire face consistent with severe melasma from hormonal influence. The dark hyperpigmentation looks patchy and web-like, with certain areas darker than others. Look closely at her skin in between the dark melasma coloration. You will see spots of her original color (actually quite white and pink). She stated that her melasma started during pregnancy, but in spite of everything that she had tried (including skin whitening creams with hydroquinone and Tri Luma), the melasma continued to persist many years after the pregnancy. Over time, the melasma hyperpigmentation had actually worsened, becoming darker and more extensive. She is apprehensive about hydroquinone side effects and complications, and wanted an effective skin lightening cream that does not contain hydroquinone.

After about 2+ months of twice daily usage, the coloration of her dark hyperpigmentation looks to have lightened considerably. The dark brown mask has virtually disappeared. You can now see her original skin color. Her face now looks nicely creamy white with a healthy glow.

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