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Severe melasma worsened by IPL laser damage case

50+ years old female with substantial dark hyperpigmentation from melasma on both cheeks worsened by two episodes of laser and IPL treatments. She wanted a skin lightening cream that does not contain hydroquinone, as she had heard about certain side effects from hydroquinone creams and was concerned about skin cancer.

After 4 months of twice daily generous usage, the coloration of her pigmentation looks significantly lighter (to the point where her friends almost couldnt recognize the new her). Her skin also looks rich and milky white.

Case Studies 7, English translation: "I had some spots over here, so my friend introduced me to go to Taipei, to a cosmetic medical clinic there. So I went and had an Nd:Yag laser treatment. But afterwards I found that my face basically did not improve. Instead, my whole face, both sides on both cheeks, became black. So I went back to that doctor and he told me that this was hormonal spots, called melasma, and told me I had to continue to undergo his laser treatments for six times, five to six times, and then I had to go back to do this every three weeks. So afterwards I did go back and repeated the procedure twice. But then I discovered that the blackened situation became much worse. So I was very disappointed, and I went back to America. After I got back to the U.S., I went to see two doctors, dermatologists, and they told me that this is melasma but also that I should not be undergoing any light or laser treatments, that I should just use topical products. But, they said, if I use their topical creams I would have to use them for at least half a year, and during which time I will have peeling and redness and inflammation, but because my job does not allow me to look that way, I did not use their products. Dr John was the third doctor that I went to see. He also told me that it was melasma, and that I can use a topical skincare method, and that I should not use lasers for it. He said that on the whole his skincare products do not have much side effects or pain or peeling for most people. So I tried them, and I continually used them for 4 months. Now, originally, I had this whole area was black, but now, as you can see, it is much better, I think it looks more than 90% better."
(Could you please turn your face this way? Okay, now the other way. Too much, 45 degrees is fine. Did you use make up today?)
"I did not use any make up today. Before, I was afraid to go outside without make up. But now, after using Dr John's skincare products, I dont have to use any make up. I dont use any make up at all. I basically just use Dr John's topical products. And that is it. I dont use any other cosmetic products either. So as you can see, no make up at all."

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