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Moderate melasma worsened by IPL damage case

38 years old female who had mild brown yellowish discoloration on her cheeks consistent with moderate melasma. She underwent one session of IPL treatment but then discovered her pigmentation worsened. She had irregularly shaped dark post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on her cheeks as a result of melasma exacerbated by IPL damage. She said she prefer to use skin lightening creams that do not contain hydroquinone.

After about 2+ months of twice daily usage, the coloration of her dark pigmentation appears much lightened.

Case Studies 8, English translation: "My face underwent intense pulsed light IPL treatments, and after I had that done my face was burned. There were spots on the face, and those turned dark in the areas where there were burns. I have been trying many different products, numerous, but those had never improved anything. But then, ever since I tried Dr John's products, the appearance of some of the burned areas slowly changed so that they now look much healthier, and the darkened spots on the face are looking more and more lighter, and I have only used these for just two and half months, so I feel very confident about these products and will continue to use them! Thank you."

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