Terms + Conditions

Product Usage, Storage, Cautions

In general, our products are meant to be applied once or twice per day after cleansing, with frequency of usage to be adjusted to your own personal comfort level. If specific product usage directions are available on the product webpage or on our website, please follow those. Although some pinkness, tingling, or slight shedding is common with some of our products, if at any time you experience too much redness, stinging, peeling, irritation, or any reactions beyond your comfort level, please wash off immediately, wait several days until the signs of irritation or skin reactions completely subside, and then decrease usage frequency to once per week or longer, making sure to apply thinly and wash off within 5 to 20 seconds. Of course, you can also stop use, wash off immediately, and consult a medical professional at the first sign of any skin reactions if you are very concerned. If you still experience any reactions beyond your comfort level despite decreasing usage frequency and usage amount, please stop use, wash off immediately, and consult a medical professional. Caution: avoid applying any product close to eyes or lips. Rinse with clean water for 20 minutes if any product gets into eyes or lips, and seek professional medical attention if eye irritation persists. After any harsh skin treatments, wait at least 10 days or longer for your skin to heal before using any products. Do not use on broken skin or on areas of infection or inflammation. Use a sunscreen and avoid exposure to UV light or sunlight while using any of our products and for a week after stopping usage. Our products are skincare products, and are not intended to treat or prevent any disease or otherwise affect the structure or any function of the human body. Please store our products in a cool place away from the reach of children. Our products are for topical use, please do not consume. Please note that individual results will certainly vary.

How To Purchase & Payment Methods

Please shop on www.naimion.com

Order processing and shipping

It may take several business days to process orders. For shipping to the continental United States, we currently use the US Post Office.

Returns, exchanges, and refunds

For exchanges within the USA, if after we inspect the returned product we find that the product is defective, meaning that the content inside cannot be pumped out at all due to bottle defect (and not due to your having squeezed out all content), we will mail to you a replacement product.

No returns or refunds are accepted for products sold to non-USA countries.

If you do mail back the unused returned products, please be sure to use shipping confirmation by your carrier.

For returns within the USA, please mail back to our product returns address within 10 days of order date. Returned products must be unused, unopened, and in re-sellable condition. Refunds do not include shipping and handling.

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