Rapid Cancer Detection System

Although the efficacy of Naimion products has been seen in many users, the origin of these products came from divine inspiration and also much work.

While doing advanced research in dermatology at UCLA medical center several years ago, Dr. John invented a new rapid method for the detection of cancer cells during MOHS skin cancer surgery.

His extremely fast system can detect residual skin cancer cells in less than 10 minutes, which is a technological breakthrough in itself since the fastest alternative methods at the time took at least 4 to 6 hours.

Divine Inspiration and Hard Work

Dr. John says, "Suddenly, I had a flash of inspiration. If this technology can work so powerfully and quickly for the detection of skin cancer cells, the results may also be astounding if a similar research thinking process is applied to the creation of advanced skincare products."

Dr. John used this technology as a technological inspiration and, after several years of hard work, developed several key products.

"It gave me much personal satisfaction to have developed such excellent skincare products after several years of dedication," continues Dr. John. "Even more satisfying is that many people who have tried these products were experiencing very effective results beyond my original expectations."

Advanced Delivery Technology

Our skin is a very powerful organ designed to protect us from environmental damage. Of course, skin will also stop the influx of nutrients from skincare products. This is why most skincare products are not as effective as they should be, not because they do not have good nutrients or anti oxidants, but because they cannot efficiently get past the skin defensive system.

If there is a way to effectively deliver nutrients, vitamins, and anti oxidants deep into skin, it would be an innovative method with drastic before and after results.

Such advanced products for skincare has been developed by Dr John, transforming many to look years younger.

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