The following case study represent excellent results. Individual results will certainly vary.

Severe acne case

20+ years old female with numerous, large, inflammed acne nodules extensively on her face. Pus, along with blackheads and whiteheads, can be seen on the large, red acne nodules. The distribution of the acne is centro-facial, covering both her cheeks, forehead, nose, and around her mouth. The acne flares up each month with her period. The acne also becomes exacerbated when she is stressed. She stated that she previously tried bluelight treatments, benzoyl peroxide creams, clindamycin lotions, and isotretinoin creams, but many of these acne treatments did not work long term, and some of these did not work at all. She said she really wanted something effective to clear up the appearance of redness and lumpy texture.

After about 4 weeks of twice daily usage along with strict lifestyle modifications, the tone and texture of her skin look smooth and even toned. Now, she says she does not feel so depressed when she looks into the mirror.

acne-severe-case-before acne-severe-case-after

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